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Rosin | 台灣 台北

This project is to renovate a traditional Japanese-styled house located in a community street in Taipei into a skincare product store. The entire design draws on the local heritage, combining unique visuals with evocative herbs smoothly weave the store into part of the community.


The brand Rosin is a plant-based and herbal fragrances organic skincare, hoping to create a conceptual retail store with its unique organic atmosphere, in which nutmeg is a special ingredient of this brand. We used recycled materials for the wash table and display boards to emphasize the brand's organic philosophy. The copper sink, patterned red bricks and pink glass decorations outline the state and color of nutmeg. Different kinds of plants growing all around in the space emphasized the ingredients of natural herbs, making the space seem to smell a sweetness by just seeing.


The original feature of the building was its wooden pitched roof and traditional grid windows. These architectural structures are very rare at now time, we combined this lost history with the concept of organic skincare to create a unique natural organic space.






Client:                       Rosin

Theme:                     Retail, Combation, History, Organic, Nutmeg

Location:                   Taiwan, Taipei

Design Category:     Interior Design / Commercial Space


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