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Piccolo | 便攜式多用途鏡面清潔器

The name "Piccolo" was inspired by the Italian word for small. The design concept is for the product to be small and portable, something users can take anywhere and everywhere. Piccolo multi- purpose electronics surface cleaner is an excellent tool designed for outdoor environments.


The unique buckle design allows users to clip onto any straps, bags, and clothes easily. Its structural design allows users to wipe and handle the tool with one hand that works wonderfully on mobile phones, tablets, cameras, etc. The microfiber on the device can gently and easily remove oil, water, and dust from surfaces. Its special cushion design allows the cleaning pad to match the surface perfectly without damaging devices. When the pad is dirty, remove it to wash and dry for the next use. This environmentally conscious design makes it a truly ideal product for the outdoor and on the go.

"Piccolo"一詞來自於義大利文的"小".  主要設計概念為研發一款使用者能便攜並且小的工具,使其方便攜帶至任何場所。Piccolo多用途鏡面清潔器就是基於此概念研發之產品。獨特的扣件方式可讓使用者扣於背帶、背包及衣物等物品上。橡膠底座及極細纖維布的組合可有效的擦拭任何電子產品的鏡面,如相機鏡頭、平板、手機等含有鏡面構造等物品。而其清潔墊可輕易拆卸並水洗以利重複使用。該產品設計贏得2021年德國紅點設計大獎


Client:                       Piccolo
Collaborator:            TBY

Country:                    China
Design Category:     Industrial Design

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