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ohoh! | 防蚊手環品牌設計

New Zealand-based anti-mosquito product brand "ohoh!" specializes in natural anti-mosquito products. The design project includes logo, brand visual planning, and product development.


The name "ohoh!" was conceived as an exclamation for various situations, from the painful feeling after a mosquito bite and the comforting feeling when recovering. We brought the concept into the logo and visual design, using a linear icon to form an animal-like face, a bit cute and a bit painful expression to convey the discomfort of mosquito bites. In the font part, we used futuristic and rounded font to create a futuristic and medical feeling. The colors used are "green" and "red" which represent "good state" and "bad state" respectively to reflect the feeling of a mosquito bite, "white" is used to increase the medical feeling.

The product is designed and targets children and teenagers, so we use silicone material which is relatively safe for the human body to make the anti-mosquito wristband. Natural mosquito repellent ingredients are used in the wristband to prevent mosquitoes. On both sides of the wristband, there are holes designed for placing the metal fasteners in position. The structure is easy to wear and the user can also turn the wristband into a key ring to hang on the bag or anywhere.




Client:                       ohoh!

Country:                    New Zealand

Design Category:     Product, Logo and Branding design


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