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2n1 Camping Flashlight | 2n1山系手電筒

"MontNLuna is a New Zealand based outdoor company with a focus on flashlights and camping equipment. 2n1 Camping Flashlight is a multi-functional flashlight designed for short-term camping activities. As a tool to be used in camping, our concept is to integrate various situations, scenarios and locations into one and perfect it in

this flashlight.


One of the main functions is the pivoting LED light, which can be used to illuminate crevices such as rock crevices and underneath vehicles, or to hang the flashlight inside the tent using the paracord at the end and adjust the light angle using the pivoting function. Inside the cover, there are two USB ports for charging the flashlight, and the flashlight can be used as a mobile power source. The outer shell is made of high strength ABS to achieve wear and corrosion resistance for outdoor use.

「MontNLuna」是一間成立於新西蘭的戶外用品公司,主要產品類別為手電筒及露營道具。2n1山系手電筒是基於短期露營活動所設計的多功能手電筒。 作為於露營中使用的工具,我們概念發想於將各種使用情況、場景、地點融入一體並將其完善於此手電筒。其一主要功能為轉折式LED燈,此功能可用於探照隙縫如岩縫及車底,亦可使用尾部的防風繩將手電筒吊掛於帳篷內並使用轉折功能調整光線角度。 位於燈蓋內,有兩個USB插口以用於對手電筒充電,亦可將手電筒當成行動電源使用。 外殼使用高強度ABS以達到耐磨、耐腐蝕的戶外使用需求。

Client:                       MountNLuna

Country:                    New Zealand

Design Category:     Industrial design


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