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L'ior | 澳洲里奧日化

L'ior is an Australian brand of household and personal care products
. The project was designed for a high-end fragrance product setting, targeting Chinese students and white-collar workers as the main customers. The project includes logo and packaging design concepts, with the logo part strongly expressing and presenting the "personality" and "fashion" design axis. 

We choose a serif font as the base of the logo, the sharp corners represent the concept of self-expression and independence of the 20-40-year-old modern women. The overall design is cold but friendly, with an elegant texture that tries to express femininity and quality. This design emphasizes the "unique character" and gives the overall logo a cooler visual appearance. However, although the overall design is cooler, it is slightly warmer due to the serifs. This sub-section expresses the unique charm of modern women who are both "soft" and "strong" simultaneously. The "i" part of the letter also uses the image of "candlelight", a derivative of the design concept "light". It expresses the brand setting of "L'ior" with its strong fragrance and warmth and healing.

The packaging design concept is derived from the word L'ior, which means "light"; therefore, the whole body is designed with this theme in mind. The label is cut in an unconventional way to differentiate the brand from the marketed products in an attempt to enhance brand recognition. The label is a derivative of "light", the image of a "slanting sun". The geometric image expresses the sun shining through the window flower, and the concept conveys the gentle fragrance and comfort of sunlight.

L'ior 為澳洲日化產品品牌。設計案需求為香精型高端產品設定, 並針對中國學生及白領階層為主要客源。此設計案包括 Logo 及包 裝概念設計。Logo 部分強烈表達並呈現 " 個性 " 及 " 時尚 " 的設 計主軸。俐落的尖角代表了設定客群中 20-40 歲現代女性其表達自我及獨立之概念。整體設計為冷調但不失親和,其優雅的質感也試 圖呈現女性魅力及質感。 設計細節選用襯線體字形,於襯線部分卻呈現俐落的尖刺狀。此設計可強調 "獨特個性"並使整體logo呈現較為冷調的視覺感官。然而雖整體較為冷調,但由於襯線體的關係也使設計呈現略微暖感。次細節表達了現代女性同時兼顧"柔和"及"剛性"的獨特魅力。於字母"i"的部分也使用了此次設計概念"光"之衍生"燭光"的形象概念。其表達了伴隨著強烈芳香及溫暖療癒的"L'ior"品牌設定。

包裝設計概念來源於 L'ior 此單字語意為 " 光 ",故整體主軸以此 為設計主題。標籤部分使用較不常規的剪裁設計以區分市面產品與 該品牌的差異,以試圖提升品牌識別度。標籤剪裁為 " 光 " 之衍伸 形象 " 斜陽 "。透過幾何形象表達透過窗花照射的斜陽,而 此概念傳遞了陽光伴隨的溫柔香氣以及舒適的氛圍。

Client:                       L'ior

Country:                    Australia

Design Category:     Logo, Branding and Packaging Design


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