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J-House | 中國 廣東

This is an apartment located in the urban community in the humid Guangdong. The previous pattern was three bedrooms, two living rooms and a separate kitchen, each space is relatively confined, and lighting has not yet played to the best state.


The owner hopes to be in an unconstrained, relaxed and casual living space, and create a comfortable space that connects outdoors nature and can be seated anywhere. The south is used as the starting point, planning open public space improves ventilation and lighting. Based on the boundless concrete platform creates the freedom of body, with the extension of the material blurs the boundary of space. Tatami stands in the 3mx3m concrete platform, natural and cool, or sit or lie relaxed and contented. The sofa area and tatami area are soft distinguish by the concrete TV stage, the space is unrestricted, and the high and low interlaced concrete stage differentiates functionality. Let the owner interact with the environment in this space and find freedom of mind.


3 meters wide wall shelves, let the owner freely place all types of books, furnishings, and collections. The open kitchen area has added multi-layer wooden boards, and the cabinet of different countertop materials differentiates using function. Consider storage and display, so everything has its own space. The cloth curtain of the toilet softly separated the area and does not limit people's behavior, developing natural life rhythm and an orderly home aesthetic.


In this space, people can flexibly choose seats in dining chairs, couch, and tatami area, keeping a sense of gathering at ease, and the complete function also meets expectations. After opening up a big space, let habitant follows their heart and passion, open, and calmly live their life by the four seasons.





Client:                        J Family

Theme:                     Open space, Japanese style, Wabi-sabi

Country:                    China

Design Category:     Interior Design / Residence


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