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GoGo Food Co. | 果果月子膳食

"GoGo Food Co." is a brand of postpartum nourishment diet delivery service from New Zealand. The project includes the logo and visual design.

The concept of the logo is based on the care of newborns and mothers, and we tried to express this concept in the visuals. The two birds in the picture are holding the fruit for the mother to feed her children. On the side, two persimmons represent the traditional Chinese culture of "peace in all things", wishing customers good health. For the color choice, the overall color palette is "green" and "orange", these two gentle and appetizing colors are used to strengthen the feeling of peace and balance. Then, the base color is black to set off the more upscale tones. 

By using these tones, we also designed the packaging and advertising design for the boxes. For the meal box, we divided the colors into three types corresponding to "breakfast", "lunch" and "dinner", which makes it easy to distinguish when to eat the meal box and print the meal of the day on the top of the box sleeve. We also use the same design concept for other accessories and promotional items to reinforce brand awareness.


Client:                       GoGo Food Co.

Country:                    New Zealand

Design Category:     Logo, Branding and Packaging Design


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