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Ficcecode | 中秋洗髮護髮禮盒「秋天的香氣」及品牌系列產品包裝

This is a Mid-Autumn Festival gift box design for “Ficcecode”, an Australian hair care brand. The contents of the box are a combination of shampoo and hair care products. Through the theme of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we wanted to express the changes of the season and the interaction between nature and people's lives and designed the box to be more "playful" in nature. The packaging is made of an iron box and coated with warm gray color to create a warm texture. In the envelope, totems related to the "Mid-Autumn Festival" and "product scent" is designed, and dotted lines are made around the perimeter. Users can remove each totem and attach a ribbon to it, then spray their favorite perfume or essential oil on the surface of the paper and hang it in the space.



Client:                       Ficcecode

Country:                    Australia

Design Category:     Packaging Design


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