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Electric Air Duster | 環保電動吹塵槍

Environmental protection has been an issue of concern around the world recently, and reducing garbage and waste is the primary goal of new products. This case is a reusable electric computer keyboard air duster designed for "Nuance". Compared to the traditional canister which uses compressed gas, it will generate waste after use and cannot be reused.


This design can be recharged by a rechargeable battery. The motor at the top generates enough wind power to blow the dust in the crevices, and the user can use the LED light at the top to see if the dust is clean. The integrated push button and overall structure minimize the use of redundant parts and subassemblies to enhance its "environment-friendly" value. The product itself comes with a base to store the body of the dust blower and the dust hose for added convenience.


Client:                       Nuance

Collaborator:            TBY

Country:                    China

Design Category:     Industrial Design


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