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Dong Apartment |  中國 上海

What does a winter house look like? A fireplace, soft sofa, sweet hot cocoa, or warm blanket? In a busy and fast city, we are looking for a light in the winter, a shelter that we can rely on. The inspiration for this project comes from the word "winter" in the owner's name, as the apartment is located in Shanghai, a metropolitan city with wet and cold seasons. We want this apartment to allow the owner to spend the cold winter comfortably and welcome the coming spring with ease.


The owners are a young couple who like modernism and neutral textures. We chose warm wood panels and modern metal as the main materials so that the hot and cold textures collide with each other and create a spark. The shelves at the entrance are a combination of bookshelves and shoe shelves, meeting different storage needs and providing an entryway function at the same time. The flooring is made of two materials, white tiles and solid wood contrasting colors, creating a visual difference between cool and warm materials, and providing a sense of comfort in both winter and summer. In the center of the living room is our theme of "winter", an electric fireplace that the owner wanted to have in this house. We set the fireplace suspended from the ceiling, giving it a focal point and a sense of penetration. We also used the concept of "sitting around" in the kitchen, since the owner has a small family, we designed an open kitchen and combined the dining table with the center island, effectively utilizing the small space. The cabinets and the center island are made of wood paneling and wood trim to present a softer and warmer texture to match the overall wood tone.


Following the half-hung staircase to the second floor, are the bedroom and the bathroom. In the bathroom, we set a modern atmosphere, using stainless steel veneer and wood trim to create a special contrast between hot and cold. A large center island sink with a hanging double mirror in the middle, sink and vanity on two sides provide different needs for different family members. Back to the bedroom, the industrial coolness of the stainless steel bed panel and the warm wood side cabinets allow the owner to be comfortable in different seasons.





Theme:                      Winter House, Modernism

Country:                    China

Design Category:     Interior Design / Residence


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