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Cy-Young Baseball Cage | 賽揚棒球訓練倉庫

Located in Tainan, Taiwan, the baseball training center " Cy Young Baseball Cage" provides the most advanced scientific sports training service and focuses on the development of baseball pitchers. The design includes the brand logo and branding to enhance its professionalism through brand image building.

The logo concept is derived from the brand name, which is derived from the legendary MLB pitcher Cy-Young, the logo incorporates the “C” and ”Y” letters as abbreviations and adds a futuristic and technological touch to highlight the training center's specialization in scientific training methods. The orange part of the logo is the "stitching" of a baseball, which gives the logo the appearance of a baseball.

For the visual aspect of the brand, we used "The Warehouse" to emphasize its venue style. The membership card and peripheral products are presented in an industrial style, and the use of regular images emphasizes professionalism. The wavy steel panels of the Warehouse are used throughout the merchandise, which adds to the brand's identity and creates a professional training environment through a comprehensive image.




Client:                       Cy-Young Baseball Cage

Location:                   Taiwan, Tainan

Design Category:     Logo and Branding design


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