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CO1 Café | 中国 广州

The main axis of this design is to create a comfortable, quiet and relaxing space. Arched door openings and staggered windows are used to connect the entire space, the half-story stairs and the stepped ceiling that catches the eye blur the definition of inside and outside in the space, thus reflecting various spatial rhythms. The chasing game of the time creates scenes of 'frame mirrors' in the space.


The choice of materials further reinforces the idea of serenity, with rich earth tones and alternating rough and smooth textures, adding a quaint and raw flavor to this modern space. The two green spots in the space bring a natural view to the interior and balance the warmth of the wood. The multiple use of arcs allows the entire space to flow, interact and communicate, allowing people to take a break in this urban space.

設計的主軸為舒適,沈靜,放松的空間。 運用拱形的門洞與交錯的窗口連接整個空間,半層的階梯及映入眼簾的階梯式天花,模糊了內外及空間的定義,從而映射出多樣的空間韻律。內部光陰的追逐遊戲,在空間內成就一幕幕『框鏡』。

材料的選擇進一步加強了沈靜的想法,豐富的泥土色調和交替的粗糙與平滑紋理,在這個現代空間內加入古樸原始的調味。 空間內的兩處綠植帶給室內一抹自然的觀景同時也平衡了木材的溫暖感。 圓弧的多處運用讓整個空間流動、互動、交流,讓人們在這個城市的空間中小憩片刻。

Client:                       CO1

Theme:                     Comfortable, Quiet, Relaxing

Country:                    China

Design Category:     Interior Design / Cafe


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