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CLC | 整合式相機清潔工具組

CLC is designed for cameras or any instrument with a lens. Its design focuses on enhancing its functionality by increasing its ability to be more user-friendly, increase convenience, storage ability, and attractiveness. The product consists of a lens pen, microfiber cleaning cloth, brush, cleaning solution, and cotton swabs.

Located on the two sides of the lens pen are a wipe tip and brush bristles. The wipe tip is interchangeable, and there are two designs available as of now to suit the cleaning surface: one for the camera lens, another for eyeglasses. The wipe tip is laminated with a microfiber cleaning cloth, which can efficiently and gently take oil and dust away. The storage box cannot only hold camera cleaning tools as intended, but users can also store other tools such as SD cards.




Client:                       CLC

Collaborator:            TBY

Country:                    China

Design Category:     Industrial Design


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