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Chà |  中國 上海

Since the client is a tea lover, the theme of the space set as 'tea' and ' Wabi-sabi'. The intention of the design is a space full of tea flavor and original beauty. Concrete, pottery, and wood outline a space for living, the modernity corresponds to the original roughness. Living here is not only a comfortable life, but more about contemplation and quiet moments.


The melody of the bedroom is 'spice tea'. When you walk into the bedroom through the open living room during the day, the light will pass through the window, reflecting client's favorite pots in the most unique way. At night, the light accompanying the texture of the entire space becomes a calm, private cave that invites people to meditate.


The kitchen is a cup of 'Japanese tea', grid pattern clapboard and the warm paper lamps outline a picture of a relaxed, quiet and leisurely life. The 'Western Tea' living room is more open, clear, and minimalist, a sip of it brings refreshing and aftertaste.


In this 90m2 space, the arched doorway connects all the components spatially, with a smooth Zen atmosphere. The polished concrete visually echoes the vivid texture of the rough diatomite walls. Sunlight reflects the texture of all materials, highlighting the shadows of every corner. Let the occupants find their own peace in Zen.

由於案主是一位愛茶人士,空間的主題即定為『茶』及『侘』。 設計的初衷為浸滿茶味、擁有原始的美感的空間。混凝土、陶、木材勾勒出一個作為居住使用的空間,現代與那份原始的粗野相應成趣。在這裏不僅是舒適的生活,更多的沈思與寧靜的時刻。




Theme:                      Tea House, Wabi-sabi

Country:                    China

Design Category:     Interior Design / Residence


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