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"Particle studio is experienced 
in many design areas, covering product, industrial, graphic, branding, and interior design. 
We always care about the detail and willing to present the finest work.

We believe the composition of the world is integrated by a variety of small particles, as the design is a complete concept of a variety of needs, elements, and materials. From this core concept, we provide a variety of design services through comprehensive design fields: product, graphic, interior, and space design, create new ideas by capturing elements from each field.

Pay attention to detail and the strength of the line, the more simple, the more insist on detail. Each line and component should start from the core of the concept. Explore and expressing the story has always been the ideal state we pursue, by treating every story with a meticulous attitude to achieve the abundant design and calm space.

[Particle Studio 質點設計] 我們相信世界的構成是由各種微小粒子集結而成,正如設計是由各種需求、元素以及素材組成為一個完整的概念。由這個核心理念出發,我們希望藉由全面的設計領域,提供多種設計服務:產品、平面視覺、室內及空間規劃,並透過各領域擷取元素創造全新想法。



工業設計 室內設計 平面設計 空間設計

​紅點設計 Red Dot Design Award

Felix Lu

Business and Operations Director | 行政總監

Industrial, Product & Graphic Design | 工業、產品、平面及包裝設計

Vivien Jiang

Artist Director | 藝術總監

Interior & Environmental Design | 建築、室內、商業空間、住宅空間設計


Industrial & Products, Packaging, 

Brand Strategy, Identity & Branding,

Interior & Environmental design.

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